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Adult Dance Classes

Adult Ballet Basics
Tuesday 6:30-7:45pm
Adult Ballet Barre Retire.jpg

No experience necessary for this class. Adult Ballet Basics involves a full barre work, simple center adage, single pirouettes, and basic petite and grand allegro. This class is taught in a fun and laid back environment. Ballet slippers are recommended. Leotards are not required. 

Modern and Jazz IV-V
Wednesday 6:30-7:45pm

This advanced beginning level of modern and jazz is designed for students who have completed the level III modern/jazz class and for dancers ages 13 and up with no previous dance experience. Dancers will learn body mechanics based on Graham, Laban, and Bartenieff fundamentals, while increasing stamina, strength, and flexibility. Jazz time will include isolations, jazz walks, single jazz pirouettes, and leaps. Dancers are encouraged to also take a ballet class to complete a well-rounded dance curriculum. 

Hip-Hop IV-VI
Thursday 4:45-5:50pm

This fun and appropriate hip-hop class is sure to keep dancers feeling great. Warm ups consist of conditioning and stretching exercises and end of class routines will include exciting and appropriate hip hop combinations. Classes are always taught in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Ballet V
Monday 6-7:15 pm and Tuesday 5:30-7:15 pm  

Dancers who are eligible to take Ballet V must first have completed one year of Ballet IV, or one year of Adult Ballet Basics. Ballet V vocabulary includes expectations in flexibility, intermediate barre vocabulary, extensions in center, pirouettes from different positions, strong vocabulary in allegro work, and pre pointe preparations. Ballet V dancers are encouraged to take ballet two times per week and a take modern/jazz class to complete a well-rounded dance curriculum.

Ballet VI
Tuesday 5:30-7:15 pm and Thursday 5:45-7:30 pm

Ballet VI vocabulary includes intermediate barre work, 90° or higher extensions in center adage, double pirouettes, and strong intermediate level allegro work. Ballet VI dancers will begin their first pointe work at the end of class, twice per week. Dancers en pointe are required to take ballet two times per week and encouraged to also take modern and jazz classes to complete a well-rounded dance curriculum.

Modern VI-VII
Friday 5-6:15 pm

This intermediate modern class will build on concepts learned in lower levels. Dancers will practice floor work, extensions 90 degrees or higher in parallel and turned out positions, grounding while moving quickly throughout space, intermediate leap combinations, and more complicated choreography. 

Friday 6:15-7:30pm

Warm ups will include isolations, core strengthening exercises, conditioning, and deep stretching. In this pre-advanced level, dancers are expected to have properly placed extensions 90 degrees or higher. Students will practice double pirouettes, exciting leap exercises, and fun end of class combinations. 

Ballet VII
Tuesday 7:15 and Wednesday 5-6:30 pm 

Ballet VII vocabulary includes pre-advanced barre work, expectations for high extensions, double pirouettes and pre-advanced petite and grand allegro vocabulary. Pointe work will be performed at the barre and in center. Dancers are encouraged to take three ballet classes per week and take additional classes in modern and jazz dance to complete a well-rounded dance curriculum.

Hip-Hop VII-Advanced 
Friday 7:30-8:30 pm

Classes consist of warm ups designed to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular stamina. Choreographed routines cover a range of styles and movements used in hip hop dance. Class is always taught in a supportive and friendly environment.  

Ballet VIII-Advanced 
Thursday 7:15-8:30 pm, Wednesday 6:30-8 pm
and Saturday 10:30-12pm

Ballet VIII dancers work on advanced barre work, high extensions, pirouettes that end in open positions, multiple turn pirouettes, fouette turns, and advanced petite and grand allegro vocabulary. En pointe, Ballet VIII dancers will be preparing for partnering work and practicing single pirouettes. Options are available to take work on flat.

Modern VIII-Advanced
Monday 6-7:15 pm

Dancers will warm up with complicated floorwork, conditioning, and deep stretching. With impressive extensions, soaring leaps, and pre-professional quality, dancers will explore body levels, shapes, speeds, and more with intricate combinations. 

Jazz VIII-Advanced
Thursday 6:30-7:45 pm

Expect intense conditioning and stretching in this pre-professional class! Dancers will practice turns in various positions, Multiple turn pirouettes, 180 degree extensions, and an assortment of leaps. End of class combinations will push dancers to new levels!

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